Small groups in fun based classes where children interact with each other in the language they are learning.

Speaking, singing, writing are all part of the way children will absorb the language.


Small groups where teens interact with one another in the language they are learning.

Classes can be supportive of the school language classes, or take on a brand new language.

Learning a language using with TV series, songs and other media will keep up the motivation.


Whether you are a total beginner, have reminiscences from school, an avid listener but shy speaker, a long term learner hoping to become a speaker, classes are tailored for different levels and provide an opportunity to speak giving learners the tools needed to reinforce anything learnt during classes.

More information

Your teacher has been vetted via the ACCESS NI. Should you require to view the certificate, please let us know.

During the Zoom based classes, interaction happens as everybody can see and hear everybody else. However, you may prefer to keep yourself not visible to others. We just want to let you know that the interaction may suffer as a consequence and you may have less opportunities to speak than other visible participants.

We promote a safe learning environment with confidentiality as a key priority. Participants are kindly asked not to record and/or post on social media any of the content of classes, or to report what other participants have said/done during classes on any public platform. Classes cannot be recorded by participants.

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