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Atomic Irish cracks the pronunciation of Irish,
makes it easy to understand and master it.
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Atomic Irish is a method explaining the sound and spelling system of Irish.
Atomic Irish is the best way to learn the pronunciation of Irish which will boost any learner’s confidence toward fluency.

If you struggle with the pronunciation of Irish, if you have difficulties reading any new word, if you would like to improve your understanding of native speakers, this is the method for you.

The Atomic Irish approach is the answer to everything relating to the sounds of the language you want to speak and you want to understand.

It provides you with tools you need to be independent in your learning process.

It cracks the sound system, making the language easier to understand and master. It equips you to speak the Irish you have and become an Irish speaker.

Master the sounds of Irish

  • Learn how to reproduce the sounds of Irish
  • Learn the relationship between spelling and sounds
  • Tune in to native speakers of different dialects
  • Introduction to phonetic transcription

Just speak it!

  • Speak with total confidence
  • Speed up the pace
  • Keep the conversation going
  • Learn to transcribe what you hear
  • Become independent in your learning journey

Sing it!

  • Bring the voice, we have the sounds and we will coach you to get the lyrics right.
  • Learn to transcribe any song & become independent.

Tune into Irish media

  • Improve your understanding of TV and radio News
  • Keys to understand Radio entertainment shows
  • Appreciate the language in fiction features

Taking part in the group work is an essential part of the course. Registering on Sounds Atomic course includes being present on video, in name and in break rooms for the learning benefit of the whole class. Microphones should be on silence when you are listening. Room opens at least 10 minutes in advance in order to have a smooth and on-time start.

In order to comply with data privacy legal requirements, it is vital that every participant takes part in the course with their video on and their name stated. This is to ensure that all participants feel safe in the knowledge that no recordings – either audio or video – are being made by anonymous participants. Participants have the right to take part in the course knowing that their privacy is not going to be breached. Sounds Atomic takes nor store video/sound recordings or photographs of sessions or participants.

The material is copyrighted, hence cannot be recorded in part or in its entirety as this would be in breach of copyright laws.

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