The method to master pronunciation

This unique language method was originally devised to explain, in simple terms the sound system of Irish, also known as Gaelic, Irish Gaelic or Gaeilge. It is based on years of studies during which the author worked on her PhD on Irish Phonetics.

From the very beginning of their journey in Irish language, learners have to face a complex way of spelling and an equally complex pronunciation. Neither aspects of the Irish language are tackled or explained in a systematic way in any of the course for adults available out there.

Learners have to rely on a slow memory acquisition which lacks in any of the processes that help learning and memorizing such as getting the big picture, understanding the reasons behind such systems, the articulation of Irish sounds, chunking, making connections etc.

This system is the best solution to understanding the pronunciation and spelling system which will allow you to read and pronounce Irish with confidence and develop a better understanding of native speakers.

If not understood, these aspects can become an obstacle to the learning process which is already a demanding piece of work (vocabulary acquisition, grammar assimilation and understanding skills).

Mastering the sounds and their spelling is a powerful catalyst. It will allow you to concentrate on the next step and make you an independent learner.

Behind Sounds Atomic

Josephine Siriu-Dunbar is the founder of Sounds Atomic.

After studying modern and medieval languages, she then specialised in linguistics, obtaining a PhD in Irish phonetics.

She speaks Irish, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and French (her mother tongue). Josephine is dedicated to passing on what works, the techniques and ideas she has developed over a life time of language learning.

She lives and works in Ireland.

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